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Paper Pinhole Camera


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“Once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price.”
– Ansel Adams.


Not Dead Darkroom is committed to making our practices of analogue photography as environmentally sound as we are able. In keeping with this commitment, we have taken up a number of eco-conscious measures from minimizing the amount of chemicals and water used in our workflow, to even altering old traditional photography equipment to use new energy efficient technology. To address the ever-present issue of physical waste in analogue photography, we have chosen to utilize reusable film canisters. These canisters are just as robust (if not actually a little more-so) as traditional disposable film canisters.

The key advantage of these canisters however is that instead of being thrown out after every development, each one can be reused and refilled, over and over again, eliminating one of the single largest sources of waste in this craft. For this reason, we have a simple one-time yearly canister rental system. Two dollars for an entire year of use of each canister assembly, and we’ll keep it up to speck and maintain it for you, as you bring it in to get refilled with hand rolled film again and again and again.* Doing all this, while minimizing your (and our) environmental footprint, keep the process of photography in step with the natural world that so often captures our imaginations and frames of film…

*All canister rentals to be payed for in-store.

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