Same-Day B&W Film Developing


Drop off your film with us and we’ll have it developed for you within 24 hours of our next operating day.

Please write your name and your order number on the film envelope, so we can cross-reference your order with your roll of film!

Not Dead Darkroom is proud to offer Kelowna’s only on-site true black and white same-day film developing. No more giving your film to a store that sends it away for two weeks, no more having to settle for C-41 film that just looks like black and white. We offer true traditional black and white film developing done for you by hand and ready to pick up the same day you drop it off! We’ll even digitize the files for you with our professional grade film scanner so you can save, post and share that analogue goodness all over the internet! See our rates and pick up some film from us today!

Regular – one black and white 35mm film roll developed – $20
DEVELOP AND SCAN – One roll developed and scanned into high quality digital image files – $35

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