Want that special occasion marked with an original timeless look and feel? Need documentation of your business that will stand out in a tangibly unique way? Looking for a portrait that will last a lifetime? Not Dead Darkroom offers professional photography services done by black and white film artist, Shimshon Obadia. When you hire Not Dead Darkroom, you are paying for a unique set of expertise in this age-old craft, executed with fine tuned creative precision, resulting in photographs that are definitively analogue on hand-made silver gelatin prints. See our rates and book your free consultation below, or call us at (778) 215-5836 today.

On location:

$600/half-day (up to 4 hours)
$1000/full day (5-8 hours)

Studio session:

$500/half-day (up to 4 hours)
$800/full day (5-8 hours)


  • Digital files (scan of print) are $55 each
  • Additional prints are $25/print
  • Photos curated by us, including up to 5 must-have photos per hour, by request
  • Prints Provided Per hour: 4 4x6s & 1 8×10
  • Prints Provided Per half-day: 10 8x10s
  • Prints Provided Per full-day: 30 8x10s

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