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ND2 Web IMGS010.jpgNeed film? Not Dead Darkroom offers Kelowna’s only source for hand-rolled 35mm black and white film. Our hand-rolled film is a high quality professional grade 400 ISO/ASA film with a crisp traditional grain structure. Featuring a very full grey range with well defined highlights and shadows, our film is not only versatile when it comes to lighting conditions, but pushes and pulls like a dream both in-camera and in development!

Want to save some dough? Check out our combos packs (pssst… they also make great gifts for your film loving friends). Visit us or call us at (778) 215-5836 to get your hands on some film today!

⁃ Roll of 20 exp. ISO/ASA 400 hand-rolled film – $10

⁃ Full Film+Dev (1 roll & 1 Full Service Developing) – $25
⁃ Self Film+Dev (1 roll & 1 Self-serve Developing) – $15

⁃ 5 for 4 PACK FULL (5 rolls & 5 Full Service developing sessions) – $100
⁃ 5 for 4 PACK SELF (5 rolls & 5 Self-serve developing sessions) – $60

⁃ Scanning combo add-on @ $15/roll

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Self-Serve Developing

ND2 Web IMGS008.jpgLike getting your own hands into your film? Not Dead Darkroom is offering you the full film lab experience. Bring in your film, do it yourself and save time and money! Photographers have been developing their own film for centuries, getting to literally have your hand at this crucial part of the process is one of analogue photography’s greatest joys; and it’s surprisingly easy to master! Never done it by yourself before? No problem, grab an espresso (or tea) on us and we’ll sit down and show you how for free, it’s that easy)! Want to learn even more about processing your film? CLICK HERE and you can even join us for a fun and informative film-focused class!

Book an appointment and bring in your film, any B&W film, and DEVELOP IT YOURSELF we’ve got tanks for 135, 120, even 110!


– Develop it yourself – $10/individual roll.

– 5 for 4 DIY COMBO PACK – $40/5 rolls.

⁃ Scanning add-on @ $15/roll

Book an appointment below today! Want a little extra instruction getting to know the ins and outs of processing your own black and white film? You can also book a one-on-one private lesson with us below, or by calling us at (778) 215-5836

Full Service Developing

Aug 2018031.jpgNot Dead Darkroom is proud to offer Kelowna’s only on-site true black and white same-day film developing. No more giving your film to a store that sends it away for two weeks, no more having to settle for C-41 film that just looks like black and white. We offer true traditional black and white film developing done for you by hand and ready to pick up the same day you drop it off! We’ll even digitize the files for you with our professional grade film scanner so you can save, post and share that analogue goodness all over the internet! See our rates and book an appointment to pick up some film from us today!

Did you miss us? If you’re not able to drop off your film when we’re in, feel free to use the film drop off box instead. Simply fill out your name and film development number on the envelope, put your film cassette into the envelope and the envelope into the drop off box.

⁃ Same-day** Full Service Black and White Film Developing – $20/roll
⁃ Same-day Full Service WITH high resolution digital scanning – $35/roll

⁃ Scanning ONLY – $20/roll

⁃ 2 Rolls at once Same-day Full Service – $35
⁃ Scanning add-on @ $15/roll

⁃ 5 Rolls at once Same-day Full Service – $80
⁃ Scanning add-on @ $15/roll


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“Once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price.”
– Ansel Adams.


Not Dead Darkroom is committed to making our practices of analogue photography as environmentally sound as we are able. In keeping with this commitment, we have taken up a number of eco-conscious measures from minimizing the amount of chemicals and water used in our workflow, to even altering old traditional photography equipment to use new energy efficient technology. To address the ever-present issue of physical waste in analogue photography, we have chosen to utilize reusable film canisters. These canisters are just as robust (if not actually a little more-so) as traditional disposable film canisters.

The key advantage of these canisters however is that instead of being thrown out after every development, each one can be reused and refilled, over and over again, eliminating one of the single largest sources of waste in this craft. For this reason, we have a simple one-time yearly canister rental system. Two dollars for an entire year of use of each canister assembly, and we’ll keep it up to speck and maintain it for you, as you bring it in to get refilled with hand rolled film again and again and again.*** Doing all this, while minimizing your (and our) environmental footprint, keep the process of photography in step with the natural world that so often captures our imaginations and frames of film…

*Film rolls must be the same type of film for batch processing, some exceptions apply. Batch processing can be purchased in-store only.
**Film must be dropped off at least two hours before close on our regular operating days or film will be processed by end of next regular operating day.
***All canister rentals to be payed for in-store.





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