Shimshon 1st exp Acros023.jpgA very special thank you to the Inspired Word Café, the BC Culture Days team, and everyone who came out to make out very first Analogue Night at The Film Factory such a success! Sign up below and be the first to know about more upcoming community events!

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Shimshon 1st exp Acros021.jpgGet to Know Your Analogue (on the SECOND SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH):

Remember that old film SLR you inherited? That plastic point and shoot with the 35mm roll that’s been in there since you were 10 years old? Or maybe it’s the trusty rangefinder you’ve taken on every adventure since you moved out of your parent’s house? Bring it along and join us for some quality time with your camera!

We meet once a month at The Film Factory to clean and care for our cameras, drink some darn good expresso (and great tea too), and talk about where we’ve journeyed through the lens of our favourite film-bearing companions! Click here to join next month’s event!

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