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ND2 Web IMGS016.jpgNot Dead Darkroom is committed to keeping alive the practice and process of the traditional black and white darkroom. We offer a fully equipped, back-to-basics single enlarger darkroom for black and white prints in sizes up to 8x10s. All skill levels are welcome and we offer a range of fun and informative practice-based classes for those new to this old craft. To purchase private tutoring, individual and group sessions are also available upon request at $55 per one-hour session. The darkroom and private sessions can be booked below or by calling us at (778) 215-5836.

Darkroom rates:
⁃ full day (up to 6hrs)      $110
⁃ 1hr                       $20
⁃ 10 hrs                  $180
⁃ 20 hrs                  $360

Student rates:
⁃ full day (up to 6hrs)      $95
⁃ 1hr                       $18
⁃ 10hrs                   $160
⁃ 20hrs                   $330

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ND2 Web IMGS 001.jpgAll darkroom rentals include the use of chemicals and equipment supplied by Not Dead Darkroom for your convenience. Photo paper and dark bags can be purchased from us during or prior to your session at the below rates. You are also welcome to bring your own bags (BYOB) and photo paper, however, for health and safety reasons, no outside chemicals may be used in the darkroom.

⁃ 5 sheets of photo paper & 1 light safe-t-bag – $12
⁃ 5 sheets of photo paper & BYOB – $10
⁃ Bags on their own – $5

⁃ 5 sheets of photo paper & 1 light safe-t-bag – $10
⁃ 5 sheets of photo paper & BYOB – $9
⁃ Bags on their own – $5

EVERYONE: Individual sheets (BYOB) – $2 each.

Want prints made for you?

Don’t have time to make the perfect print in the darkroom? No problem, let out expertise handle it. Bring in your negatives! We also make black and white traditional silver gelatine darkroom prints, mounted and matted, out of any negatives for you!

Hand-made darkroom prints are $25 each, including mounting and matting.

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