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Have you ever wondered where photographs come from? Have you ever wanted make a photograph? To not just open and close a shutter, but to mix light and sliver with a little alchemy; to slow down the world and take a moment out of time, turning it into a nearly immortal tangible object. 

If you’ve ever wanted to delve deeper into the analogue photographic process, join us for as one-on-one lesson, or book as a group, and we’ll journey everywhere from a single lens reflex camera to the world inside a film negative, and finally to creating your very own darkroom prints and more. We’ll bring the espresso and tea, and all cameras and equipment will be provided for you.

All skill levels are welcome as we delve into a custom curriculum made just for you! Each one-on-one session is $55 per class. Private group sessions can also be arranged by request.

Call us at (778) 215-5836 or CLICK HERE to book online for your private session today.

*Classes billed in-store.

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Field Trips & Team Building Workshops

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Paper, sliver, light, and a little alchemy. Slow down and focus with us as we teach you how to use analogue cameras ranging from SLRs to point-and-shoots, to even showing you make your very own, very real, film camera out of paper! Step back in time and experience the magical simplicity of analogue photography. Join us at The Film Factory’s large professional photo studio, or we’ll come to you with a workshop in photography you won’t forget! Tailored to your needs — for team building, for BC’s new curriculum and core competencies, or just to take a moment out of time and on to film — our workshops promise to give you a new angle, with an old art, into your group. Call us at (778) 215-5836 or email us using the form below to make a booking inquiry today!

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